25 February 2012

Fur & flowers

My internet has been down for the last week, it's really made it clear to me how addicted I am! It's pretty annoying not being able to check things like train times, cinema listings, what's in the Ikea catalogue before you set off on a furniture buying mission.. But most of all I missed blogging! Blog-reading as opposed to blog writing - felt so disconnected!
Last weekend was also the first birthday of Film Fatale, the adorable vintage film screening/club that I regularly attend. I've been to screenings of Roman HolidayDouble Indemnity and Singin' in the Rain. This month's was Breakfast at Tiffany's and.. it sold out before I could get a ticket! Don't you hate when something you love becomes too popular? So instead my friends and I are having our own Breakfast at Tiffany's screening tonight! In case you can't tell, I'm not dressing up as Audrey Hepburn for it!
This is also the first time I've styled the adorable fox bag from this post. I'm terrible! I love the bag but I can only leave the house if I have a massive sack crammed with junk, umbrella even if it's sunny, mp3 player plus Kindle even though they both play music (in case one dies), huge heavy purse full of coins because I never like spending my 1c, 2c, and 5c in case shopkeepers get mad, notebook that I never use, etc, etc. Are you able to travel light?

18 February 2012


I've had this River Island skirt since the January sales (€10!) but I've had trouble deciding what to pair it with. I tried a silky white shirt but it just looked too 80s for me. So today I put on my Primark cape and it all went a little bit gothic.. or do I mean 90s grunge?
L'oreal mango intense copper
It's strange when there are combinations in your wardrobe that, when put together, create a style that's not really what you intended at all. It was very chilly today, despite the sun, so when I left the house I put on a black leather jacket and a grey wool hat and felt like an emo teenager! But sometimes it's nice to be a little outside your fashion comfort zone.
l'oreal mango intense copper
Is there anything in your wardrobe that you find it difficult to style?

11 February 2012

Lovely things 2

How is everyone finding February? It's definitely not my favourite time of the year, it's pretty grey and depressing (despite Valentine's day and Pancake Tuesday!) So to combat the February blues, how about some more...... lovely things!
Illustration by John Dyer Baizley
I'm currently looking for inspiration for my next tattoo and I really like this style of illustration, it's like a beautiful, modern take on art nouveau or Alphonse Mucha.
Print by Roll & Tumble Press on Etsy
Maybe it's just me but I find this print hilarious! It reminds me a lot of my sister.
Salt and vinegar chickpeas from Oh She Glows
Umm, this chickpea recipe may be the most delicious thing I've ever tasted. I've made them three times since I found the recipe last week. I only stopped because I ran out of chickpeas. They are seriously tasty!
*note to self, buy more chickpeas.
Multicoloured manicure by Carli at Konadlicious
Such a cute and simple idea! I'm definitely not a great manicurist but I think even I could handle this one.
The Wishing Tree by Lissy Laricchia
Every image in this photographer's photostream is just incredible, beautiful and inspirational. She's amazing!
Hex Trio necklace from Paper & Chain
I love this necklace, it reminds me of honeycomb. Delicate jewellery on thin chain is my favourite kind.
So how do you like February? Any tips for cheering yourself up when it's cold and grey and you're still paying off your Christmas credit card bill?

04 February 2012

It's a washout

I wanted to take outfit photos today, but it's been raining non-stop all morning and afternoon. So I decided it would be fun, interesting, necessary to try some indoor shots! Wow it was hard. The main problem is that there's not a single inch of my house that doesn't have something crammed into it (and no nice blank wall space that hasn't been shelved). A secondary problem is that our house is surrounded by very tall trees, so there's hardly any natural light (see?)
So I'm not totally happy with how these photos came out, but it's all part of trying to improve my photography skills I suppose. And by skills, I mean "skills". 
Anywho, this is pretty much my favourite time of the year for sales shopping. For some reason I always seem to have my eye on things that no one else wants, so I like to bide my time, wait until the sales have been on for six weeks or so then SWOOP in and get the mega bargains! I wanted this cardigan from Urban Outfitters since last year (full price: €85) but I picked it up last week for €25! Have you moved on to Spring/Summer purchases or are you still scouring the shops for the last of the Winter stock? And indoor photography - is it a nightmare or is it just me?
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