31 March 2012

March Featured Sponsor

Hi folks! From now on I'm hoping to have a feature post on one of my wonderful sponsors at the end of each month! 
First up is the lovely Cait from ...Sailing to Nowhere... I'm not sure how I came across Cait's blog originally, but it instantly caught my attention because of her pretty blog design (which has since changed but is still pretty!) Cait's blog stands out for me because she is such an articulate writer, and her posts are always more than just "here's what I'm wearing today". However if you're looking for outfit inspiration, she does have great style!
I asked Cait a few questions about her blog, so read on to learn a little about her!
What can users expect to find when they visit your blog?
I hope they will find somewhere where they want to hang around for a while, with pretty pictures and entertaining post they feel like engaging with. I mostly write about fashion and my personal style but I am always trying to diversify my content to include all sorts of topics that I am passionate about so hopefully there is something for everyone. I just hope people enjoy my blog even if they are just popping by.

How long have you been blogging for, and how did you get started?
My blog has just celebrated its first Birthday! I had briefly toyed with the idea of starting a blog and last year I decided to just go for it. One boring afternoon I started putting one together and I haven't looked back since. I had no idea what blogging was all about when I started or how much work it would be but I love it so much.
What are you looking forward to wearing this Spring/Summer?
I love all the pastel colours that are around for spring/summer and I love coloured jeans at the moment but I am really trying to cut back on buying new clothes. I am hoping to pick up more thrifted and vintage items instead of shopping on the high street. I have loads of lovely Liberty fabrics in my cupboard and when I eventually get chance I plan on turning them into vintage style summer dresses and blouses.

What are your hopes for your blog in 2012?
I hope I will continue to grow my blog in 2012, I want to post a little more often and bring more interesting content to my readers. Most of all I want to try really hard to be a kind blogger and show lots of blog love to all my bloggy friends and hopefully connect with lots of new friends.
Are there any other blogs you'd like to recommend?
My Modern VintageWhat Sadie DidBooks, Art and Sci FiStar Crossed Smile and Miss Kait Online are all daily reads for me as well as good blogging friends, and of course Inflammatory Knit!

So that was Cait... Now head on over to ...Sailing to Nowhere... and check it out!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or participating in a feature post then email me at inflammatoryknit AT gmail.com or tweet me at @IKnitBlog and let's chat about a button swap.
*That's right, sponsor for the low, low price of $0!)

19 March 2012

Lazy knitter

I hope everyone had a delightful St. Patrick's day! If you have ever been to Dublin for St. Patrick's day you'll know that it's complete mayhem ("mayhem" being the polite word). It's basically an excuse for people to get incredibly drunk, the weather is pretty much always freezing - if not lashing rain, and the best part about the day in my opinion is that we get a public holiday. I had a sore throat over the weekend so I didn't partake in any drunken rampaging, but it did give me a chance to catch up on some knitting.

If you read this post way back in October, you might be wondering how that hat I was knitting turned out. Well wonder no more!
I gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday in December and only just robbed it back to take a photo. It turned out great, but I had made him one before that he had put through the washing machine and felted, so it wasn't my first time!

I'm very, very happy to say that I'm in the middle of knitting my first jumper at the moment! It's Kate Davies' amazing Owls pattern and if you're a knitter and/or a member of Ravelry then I'm sure you've seen it before. And if you are on Ravelry do add me!

This is how the finished sweater will look - just adorable. I don't care what anyone says, owls are not over!
Image from Kate Davies Designs
I'm knitting it in a light grey/pale blue colour and this is where I am so far - I haven't gotten to those tricky owls yet!
Are you crafting anything at the moment? Have you knitted yourself any items of clothing before? It seems like a real knitting rite of passage!

10 March 2012


I've been trying to grow out my cropped hair since I got it cut last February. Not that I don't like it, just that I like to change my hair all the time, so as soon as it was short, I wanted it long again! My hair grows incredibly slowly though, so I hadn't hair a haircut since July in an attempt to speed up the process. It had grown itself into a pudding-bowl-mullet type thing though, so this week I finally gave in and went for a trim. 
The idea was that I had layers put it so I could wear it curly, but unfortunately my hair refuses to cooperate as usual. I will have to go back to my previous styling method of blow drying it, straightening it, then putting on a hat until the whole thing has calmed down.
All Saints leather jacket
The weather here has gotten a little warmer, so jacket season is here again. Usually the weather here is freezing and unpredictable until after St. Patrick's day though, so I don't quite trust it. Is it jacket weather where you are yet? And if you have unmanageable hair, do you have any styling tips?
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