10 March 2012


I've been trying to grow out my cropped hair since I got it cut last February. Not that I don't like it, just that I like to change my hair all the time, so as soon as it was short, I wanted it long again! My hair grows incredibly slowly though, so I hadn't hair a haircut since July in an attempt to speed up the process. It had grown itself into a pudding-bowl-mullet type thing though, so this week I finally gave in and went for a trim. 
The idea was that I had layers put it so I could wear it curly, but unfortunately my hair refuses to cooperate as usual. I will have to go back to my previous styling method of blow drying it, straightening it, then putting on a hat until the whole thing has calmed down.
All Saints leather jacket
The weather here has gotten a little warmer, so jacket season is here again. Usually the weather here is freezing and unpredictable until after St. Patrick's day though, so I don't quite trust it. Is it jacket weather where you are yet? And if you have unmanageable hair, do you have any styling tips?

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TheHeadlessMannequin said... Reply to comment

That dress is gorgeous!! And the leather jacket toughens it up nicely :) The weather is completely indecisive here in Aberdeen at the moment - I actually went out in just a cardigan yesterday it was so sunny and warm only to have a torrential downpour make a mockery of me!!

Trees said... Reply to comment

Very cute dress!! My hair is generally out of control, unless I blow dry it but I'm simply too lazy to do that so it tends to mostly be out of control. Although I have thought for a long time I want to grow it out - but then when I go to the hairdressers I always end up keeping it short:P

Miss Kait said... Reply to comment

I cant wait for light jacket season to hit here! It's still freezing :(.
I love these boots

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

Hair can be so frustating sometimes can't it?!

Loving the stripes with the tan accents and that amazing jacket <3

Drea said... Reply to comment

LOVE that dress!! And your hair looks so pretty :)
It's rainy as usual here in Galway, but the temperature has been quite mild so can't complain too much!

Drea xo


Pretty Things said... Reply to comment

love that dress! I'm going to have to get my self down to forever21



Two Happy Hearts said... Reply to comment

Wonderful! I love that All Saints jacket.
I just visited All Saints for the first time a few months ago...it's SUCH an amazing store!

Marella said... Reply to comment

Super cute post dear and amazing blog!
Following! Follow back? <3

Cait said... Reply to comment

I'm the same with my hair, I always have it cut short and then want it long again! My hair is unruly but I don't really have any tips; perseverance lol!

I love the stripe dress and the boots.

Katherine McAdoo said... Reply to comment

Ugh - i grew out my pixie cut (and will one day do it again) and had the same troubles. because they are so bang-heavy, i ended up twirling back part of my bangs to keep it a little less heavy in the front which really helped. a little bit of straightening product went a long way for me - i have weird wavy/curly hair that does strange things.

anyhow, i love this dress! super cute with the boots

Ellie, I Like Ginger Biscuits said... Reply to comment

LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress, super cool jacket aswell.
Have a lovely day :) xx

jenni said... Reply to comment

The dress is so cute (reminds me of one dress I have, hmm, I have to find it for summer) and I envy your jacket! :) Today was the first day I could wear a jacket! Luckily the say it'll be "warm" over the weekend, yey!
Your hair looks good! The only tips I have is to eat vitamin D and do little buns around for a while to make hair a bit curly.

daria said... Reply to comment

I love the dress! it looks so edgy with the leather jacket!

chantilly said... Reply to comment

well, either way, i think your hair looks cute :) and that dress is darling as well! xoxo

The Canon Girl said... Reply to comment

Oh wow, great dress, boots and jacket! Awesome outfit that I'd totally wear. Yes, unmanagable hair pisses me off to no end. I usually end up cutting it again or just sleeping on it and realising the next day that it ain't so bad. :-D

Sian Thomas said... Reply to comment

Your dress is so pretty, I particularly love it paired with the leather jacket!! I think your hair looks cute =)

Katrina said... Reply to comment

love the tan boot with stripy white and navy dress! goes together real well


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