18 November 2012

Deers + birdies

I must learn how to take better close-ups. The best part about this outfit is that the dress has swallows on it and the cardie's pocket has a stag's head, but I don't think I captured that very well!
How's everyone's November going? It hasn't really turned cold here yet so there haven't been great Winter layering opportunities. Although I have become obsessed with finding the perfect Winter coat. Well the problem is I've found it, but I can't find a way to buy it - it seems to be out of stock everywhere!
makia jacket
Yellow Raglan parka by Makia - it will be mine!

9 thoughts:

Trees said... Reply to comment

Very cute frock! :)

Anna said... Reply to comment

Great parka, I used to have one like that as a kid but hated it. What was I thinking???

The White List said... Reply to comment

That's such a cute look on you!

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said... Reply to comment

good luck with your coat search!

charley said... Reply to comment

That parka would be amazing on you!

Kati said... Reply to comment

Hello you pretty lady, I think your outfit looks really good on you! Too bad you aren't posting anymore, just discovered your blog!

Have the loveliest day,


Pardon My Fashion said... Reply to comment

Oooooh that yellow parka is killer...so many styling possibilities! And you look adorbz.


Senja Y said... Reply to comment

Such a pretty outfit... I really like your blog, I hope you'll get back to posting :)

Tami Rebekah said... Reply to comment

you are too cute!!! Newest bloglovin follower!! Feel free to follow back and have a fabulous week!


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