28 July 2011


1. ASOS, €108.97
2. ASOS, €108.97
3. ASOS, €108.97
4. ASOS, €76.92
5. Topshop.com, €55
6. ASOS, €96.15
7. Herej.com, €12.50

It's so hard to find a good handbag! I want something leather, spacious, with lots of pockets for my phone/keys/mp3 player/wallet etc, and lots of compartments for my various necessities (umbrella, water bottle, spare cardigan, bag-in-a-bag, emergency apple). I also hate when bags aren't long enough and once you fill them they become like a beach-ball on a strap that you constantly knock against people in the street. It's certainly cheaper to buy a bag online than in shops here but websites don't seem to acknowledge that the inside of the bag is just as important as the way it looks. So it's very tricky to judge how a bag will look once you fill it. 

All of the above are possibilities.. except the last one which is insanely impractical but just so cute!

25 July 2011

Urban outfit

Urban Outfitters playsuit // H&M cardigan // Aldo shoes

Urban Outfitters necklace // Urban Outfitters belt

This was in danger of being an all-Urban-Outfitters-outfit before I added the H&M cardigan. I have a love/hate relationship with Urban Outfitters - in one way I do like most of the clothes they stock, on the other hand I hate seeing people wearing the same thing as me. Which OU makes all too likely. 

22 July 2011

Friday lunchtime

Zara blouse // Topshop shorts // H&M tights // Aldo brogues 

Bag & brooch - gifts

I wore this outfit to go for my mum's birthday lunch. Later today I'm also going for my first ever massage. You wouldn't think that you would need to wear a particular outfit to go for a massage, but I can only assume that there's going to be some kind of awkward situation in the beauty salon. What bits of clothing are you meant to take off? Or leave on? Am I going to end up with oil all over my shirt? I'm imaging myself making a terrible social faux pas (clothes-based or otherwise).

UPDATE: the massage was amazing, but my tip would be don't wear high waisted shorts for a back massage!

16 July 2011

The old faithfuls

Urban Outfitters sweater // Per Una Jeans // All Saints jacket // Aldo brogues

This sweater is about 5 years old. I got it in Urban Outfitters and I paid €38 (crazy price for a short sleeved knitted sweater!) It's bobbly and too big, and the sleeves sit in a horrible place and I think it's pretty unflattering. But I just can't make myself replace it! Every time I see a potential new navy striped sweater I think.. but I already have one of those. Wouldn't I rather get something new and exciting? And if I want stripes I can wear that old sweater? 

I think the time has come for a good old fashioned wardrobe purge!

11 July 2011

Summer ends

Zara dress // Aldo brogues // Vision Express sunglasses

The Irish "summer" doesn't afford many opportunities to dress for the sun. It's the beginning of July and the weather is overcast and a little chilly (around 15C/60F), and I won't be wearing this outfit without a cardigan. I made a promise to myself that I won't buy any more sun-appropriate clothing this year. I have summer clothes that have hung in my wardrobe since last year without being worn, and that's depressing.

My project for the rest of the year will be to try to create a coherent wardrobe and style, particularly for work. I want clothes that are well cut, use quality fabrics and look professional. The problem is that I'm constantly attracted to things that make me look like an emo teenager (plaid bomber jackets, hair bows, plastic jewellery). 

I want to begin with a leather bag.. the search begins!

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