25 July 2011

Urban outfit

Urban Outfitters playsuit // H&M cardigan // Aldo shoes

Urban Outfitters necklace // Urban Outfitters belt

This was in danger of being an all-Urban-Outfitters-outfit before I added the H&M cardigan. I have a love/hate relationship with Urban Outfitters - in one way I do like most of the clothes they stock, on the other hand I hate seeing people wearing the same thing as me. Which OU makes all too likely. 

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Catie Beatty said... Reply to comment

I have the round version of that necklace. The clocks kept falling out of the tortoise shell frames, so I got mine for like a dollar!

At least with Urban Outfitters its hard to tell the difference between their clothes and something you bought at a vintage shop!

Vania Clarissa said... Reply to comment

hey baby thanks for reply my message on IFB and following me , i'm following you back .


Cosmia said... Reply to comment

@Catie Beatty

Yeah mine doesn't actually work as a clock and never has.. damn shoddy UO!

amber bielarski said... Reply to comment

I always hear so many complaints about those UO jewelrys but I've neve had much trouble.. except that time my necklace broke.. okay. They aren't they best. That's why I usually only go for it if there's a sale because I already know the odds.

Morgan Jordan said... Reply to comment



the girl never gets older said... Reply to comment

"Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead." - yeah, it must be true, and you're so amazing! I love your sense of style ♥

Cosmia said... Reply to comment

@the girl never gets older

Thanks, you're too sweet!

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