28 July 2011


1. ASOS, €108.97
2. ASOS, €108.97
3. ASOS, €108.97
4. ASOS, €76.92
5. Topshop.com, €55
6. ASOS, €96.15
7. Herej.com, €12.50

It's so hard to find a good handbag! I want something leather, spacious, with lots of pockets for my phone/keys/mp3 player/wallet etc, and lots of compartments for my various necessities (umbrella, water bottle, spare cardigan, bag-in-a-bag, emergency apple). I also hate when bags aren't long enough and once you fill them they become like a beach-ball on a strap that you constantly knock against people in the street. It's certainly cheaper to buy a bag online than in shops here but websites don't seem to acknowledge that the inside of the bag is just as important as the way it looks. So it's very tricky to judge how a bag will look once you fill it. 

All of the above are possibilities.. except the last one which is insanely impractical but just so cute!

6 thoughts:

Eva said... Reply to comment

Sweet choices, they're all lovely, especially 6! I love a bit of bright colours :) X

taffetaramblings said... Reply to comment

Love your pics, I am voting for number 1 - practical, roomy (I plan for every eventuality), 7 stylish. Also I always think tan leather looks better when it has been used & bashed about a bit,that might just be though?
The last belt bag is insanely cute. I have been lusting after a Mulberry one similar. thinking it would be a lipstick & credit card only option. x

audrey said... Reply to comment

lovely! i have to go with eva and vote #6. love the colors.

Cosmia said... Reply to comment

I'm so undecided, I love the colourful one too but I have a black leather jacket, it sooo wouldn't go with it! And thinking of buying the cute little belt because it's just so cheap and adorable!

Rachel said... Reply to comment

I love the middle one!

pearlslaceandruffles said... Reply to comment

I love number three! I need it in my life asap. :) xo


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