21 January 2012

A little retro

I bought flares months ago,  but I haven't worn them very much as I couldn't figure out what kind of shoes to pair them with. I was wearing them with a pair of Converse before Christmas and bumped into a friend who asked why I was dressed like a 90s teenager.
Then it hit me! Loafers! It all seems so obvious now..
I got the tunic from the lovely Bethany from Bunny Picnic's Etsy store, His and Hers Vintage. It's so cute! I feel like a 1970s nurse. And I can't recommend Bethany's store enough, my package came super fast and smelled AMAZING for some reason (like cinnamon!)
Also my hair is growing again, it's very exciting. I can put it up into a pathetic little ponytail now. A little tip for anyone trying to grow their hair - try Lee Stafford's hair growth treatment. It's kind of scary how well it works. I recommended it to my sister and she had to stop using it because her hair grew so fast it freaked her out. For serious! Do you have any tips for cosmetics/treatments that actually do what they say they will? They seem pretty rare!

15 January 2012


The weather has been really unseasonably warm here for the past couple of weeks! It's really making me look forward to Spring, and the wardrobe opportunities that Spring brings. I prefer Spring to Summer for clothes, as it's more acceptable to continue wearing layers, and light scarves and hats. In Ireland in Summer it's only properly sunny for a few days, but it doesn't stop the shops filling up with sandals, bikinis, straw hats, bandeau dresses and other things that are useless if you're not going on a sun holiday.
Anyhow! It's still technically Winter so I'll leave that rant for another day. This H&M dress is making me feel very Spring-like. It's actually quite a heavy cotton which surprised me. I'm glad though, it's much more flattering than the thin, clingy cotton mixes they often stock.

I've had a very lazy time this weekend. It has mainly consisted of:
  • Dying my hair with my newest discovery, the best hair colour in the world: "Mango intense copper". If L'Oreal ever discontinue it I will cry.
  • Trying this recipe for dairy free lemon curd. I try to avoid dairy and this is DELICIOUS!
  • Catching up with New Girl - it's not really my kind of show but honestly I would watch a photo of Zooey Deschanel propped up on a chair for 30 minutes, so I'll give it a chance.

What have you been up to this weekend? Are you looking forward to fashion for SS2012?

08 January 2012


Ok, I don't want to alarm anyone, but you can all stop looking for the best bag in the world now. I FOUND IT!

Look at this adorable little guy! He's from H&M and I'm so happy that I found him. There were only three left and he was the last one with his tail still attached. I don't usually like overly cutesy accessories or "bags shaped like things that aren't bags", but this is just the right side of amazing.

Also I finally gave in and joined Pinterest. It's just as addictive as I thought it would be. It's also quite overwhelming. It seems like there are just infinite images out on the net, of amazing food, gorgeous interiors, stunning girls with perfect hair, supercool tattoos - it's intimidating! If you're on it please leave me a link to yours (is that how it works?) and I'll follow you! You can find mine HERE. What do you think about Pinterest?

02 January 2012

Happy new year!

Happy new year everybody! Here's to 2012! I planned to wear this on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, my friend and I decided we were too lazy to go out, so we stayed at home, lit the fire, drank wine and watched Jools Holland's Hootenanny. It was delightful! But now I'll have to find another occasion for this outfit.
I wasn't too impressed with the sales this year but I did pick up this sequined cape, reduced to €4 in Primark. Now that's a bargain! I love it, it reminds me of Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes but without looking quite as flamboyant.

How did you spend New Year's Eve? Did you get anything nice in the sales? And do you have any resolutions?
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