21 January 2012

A little retro

I bought flares months ago,  but I haven't worn them very much as I couldn't figure out what kind of shoes to pair them with. I was wearing them with a pair of Converse before Christmas and bumped into a friend who asked why I was dressed like a 90s teenager.
Then it hit me! Loafers! It all seems so obvious now..
I got the tunic from the lovely Bethany from Bunny Picnic's Etsy store, His and Hers Vintage. It's so cute! I feel like a 1970s nurse. And I can't recommend Bethany's store enough, my package came super fast and smelled AMAZING for some reason (like cinnamon!)
Also my hair is growing again, it's very exciting. I can put it up into a pathetic little ponytail now. A little tip for anyone trying to grow their hair - try Lee Stafford's hair growth treatment. It's kind of scary how well it works. I recommended it to my sister and she had to stop using it because her hair grew so fast it freaked her out. For serious! Do you have any tips for cosmetics/treatments that actually do what they say they will? They seem pretty rare!

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Laura Go said... Reply to comment

That is the cutest vintage tunic ever. I really love the lace lining on the shoulders and front!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said... Reply to comment

oh my god the top looks so cute on you! those loafers are amazing. i remember i eyed them when i was browsing for my christmas list. i remember when i only used to wear flares. they look darling on you.

Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) said... Reply to comment

You fabulous!! I love this look. The jeans are perfect! I would love some of the hair growth product, I'm going red from black and I need to grow whats left of the black that I couldn't get out with the bleach and it's taking forever!! Sadly I"m in the states and it doesn't seem to be too widely available!

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

The loafers look great with your jeans but I'm sure the converse worked too. I LOVE your wee mustard cardi <3

That hair treatment sounds amazing!!

Pretty Things said... Reply to comment

super sweet outfit, you look adorable! I'm still hunting for miracles in a bottle that they do what they say :\



lisa said... Reply to comment

Haha a 90's teenager :) I'm sure it looked great but the loafers are super cute too. I am in love with that tunic & brooch!! You look adorable!

Jazz said... Reply to comment

I dig the flares, it's refreshing. A nice change from skinnies. I'm glad I found your blog :)

Britty said... Reply to comment

i love the tunic i want to steal it from you! i love the way you styled it

TheHeadlessMannequin said... Reply to comment

Love this outfit...that tunic is so cute and works great with the gorgeous flares and loafers! Thanks so much for mentioning this hair-growing product too...I feel like I've stumbled across a little pot of gold :) I went to a hairdressers before Christmas in what I'm pretty sure was still 2011 yet every time I look in the mirror since it looks distinctly like the 1980s!!!This treatment should hopefully bring me back to the present :)

Little Tree Vintage said... Reply to comment

loving that shirt, it's gorgeous!

t said... Reply to comment

Nice outfit!


The Midwest Muse said... Reply to comment

Those pants are wonderful. I love them with the loafers and that hair treatment sounds wicked. I want it! I dream of long hair. But the moment your short hair goes into a pathetic ponytail is a great moment!

The Canon Girl said... Reply to comment

Adorable outfit, the tunic looks indeed nurs-y, in a good way! And those jeans are an awesome fit. Gorgeous loafers too!

Gray Lavender said... Reply to comment

Your jeans are fantastic & i love your tunic :D sooo pretty <3


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

This outfit is so pretty ^_^ I adore the lovely little brooch x

The Midwest Muse said... Reply to comment

I read the reviews for that product and it amazed me so much that I spent forever trying to find a way to get it in the United States. Thank goodness for the internet. I paid a little more, but if it works like everyone says, I owe you biggg!

chantilly said... Reply to comment

i *love* loafers. they're so easy and cute with everything :) and the tunic is really pretty! xx

ttFNx said... Reply to comment

now that Tatty Devine brooch is making me awful jealous! Great look x

mike i make said... Reply to comment

amazing blog...i'm following you now

Eva said... Reply to comment

The loafers really do go well with the flares, and that's such a cute tunic! And I've been wanting to grow my hair longer, I never thought about growth treatment - I'll have to give it a go!
And thank you for your lovely comment - the glasses were on display when I had my eyes tested and they're by Armani :)

Lois said... Reply to comment

I'm going to get myself a pair of flares I think. All I have are skinnies at the moment or slouchy boyfriend type jeans. I saw a pic of Rachel Bilson rocking some recently, and I love the outfit you've put together too.

HoneyBunny said... Reply to comment

That tunic top is so pretty! I love the loafers too<3

Lola said... Reply to comment

This whole outfit goes so beautifully together, love love love the cute knit! XX

Jamie Rose said... Reply to comment

Great vintage top! I love the way the light blue color of it contrasts with your red hair. Very cute

Robyn said... Reply to comment

Her hair grew so fast it freaked her out?? I neeeeeed to try that. I have (confirmed by my stylist) the slowest growing hair on the planet. True story.

Love the jeans. I dig them with loafers, but I bet they will look rad with clog style sandals for spring as well.

Robin said... Reply to comment

I know this post is older, but I came across it when trying to find a good red hair dye. What shade is your hair here? I looked through past posts and saw where you used "Feria Paprika Power" ...I've never seen that sold here (U.S.) but I will definitely look online, if I can achieve the same results as your hair here!

Thanks so much :)

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said... Reply to comment


Hi! Feria is a L'Oreal hair colour, you might be able to get it on eBay if you don't have Feria in the states? I think the colour in this one was Paprika Power too! I dye my hair a lot and it seems to change shade every time :)

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