19 March 2012

Lazy knitter

I hope everyone had a delightful St. Patrick's day! If you have ever been to Dublin for St. Patrick's day you'll know that it's complete mayhem ("mayhem" being the polite word). It's basically an excuse for people to get incredibly drunk, the weather is pretty much always freezing - if not lashing rain, and the best part about the day in my opinion is that we get a public holiday. I had a sore throat over the weekend so I didn't partake in any drunken rampaging, but it did give me a chance to catch up on some knitting.

If you read this post way back in October, you might be wondering how that hat I was knitting turned out. Well wonder no more!
I gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday in December and only just robbed it back to take a photo. It turned out great, but I had made him one before that he had put through the washing machine and felted, so it wasn't my first time!

I'm very, very happy to say that I'm in the middle of knitting my first jumper at the moment! It's Kate Davies' amazing Owls pattern and if you're a knitter and/or a member of Ravelry then I'm sure you've seen it before. And if you are on Ravelry do add me!

This is how the finished sweater will look - just adorable. I don't care what anyone says, owls are not over!
Image from Kate Davies Designs
I'm knitting it in a light grey/pale blue colour and this is where I am so far - I haven't gotten to those tricky owls yet!
Are you crafting anything at the moment? Have you knitted yourself any items of clothing before? It seems like a real knitting rite of passage!

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Cait said... Reply to comment

I love owls and that sweater looks amazing! Knit me one lol :) I used to knit a while ago but I haven't done any for ages, I nearly completed a cardigan but it is still in my knitting bag in separate pieces waiting to be sewn together!

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said... Reply to comment

Oh no! You gotta sew that thing!

charley said... Reply to comment

I would love to learn to knit! Such a great skill!



Trees said... Reply to comment

Well here in NZ St Patricks day is pretty much the same as Ireland, except for its not a public holiday and its not too cold. So much craziness out on the streets this year as it fell on a Saturday! I really love that hat and the jersey you are making look adorable! I have never been able to get into knitting, I have about a million other craft projects I need to complete but motivation has been lacking recently:(

Mckenzie said... Reply to comment

I knit myself a cardigan this winter!!



eef said... Reply to comment

I thought I commented on this? What a cute sweater that will be!
I learned to knit a few months ago, and haven't knit in the past two or so, so I think it will be a while before I am good enough to make any clothing. The trickiest thing I've made so far has been a strange glove for my boyfriend... Not sure how to describe it, this one: http://eef-etc.com/2012/knitted-mitt-for-an-alien/
one day! one day I will make pretty clothes!

TheHeadlessMannequin said... Reply to comment

I started a scarf about three winters ago and finally finished it last summer! I have grand knitting aspirations but they tend to go nowhere fast :) This owl jumper is sooo cute though so if I ever do graduate beyond three-year long scarf projects this will be on my to-do list :)

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said... Reply to comment

sometimes i wish i knew how to knit. but then it would be one more neglected hobby in my arsenal.

Mademoiselle Marie said... Reply to comment

I made the same sweater in January - it was also my first sweater and I LOVED knitting it! It knitted up much more quickly than I had expected. I'm 'billabongaa' on ravelry and just added you ;)

Pretty Things said... Reply to comment

I've been knitting a hat for the last 6 months! I'm a very slow knitter and haven't tried anything too complicated yet. your hat looks perfect and that jumper is going to be amazaballs!



Katrina said... Reply to comment

those knit works are awesome! i can knit too but not an expert yet, on the scarf making stage hehe. Had a look at the Ravelry- sounds so good and am definitley joining soon!!!

Katherine McAdoo said... Reply to comment

yes! i finished my owl sweater years ago now (it's hard to say that but 2009 really was *years* ago....ahhh) and i love it, but i never really wear it because it's so warm. like crazy thick and warm.

and that hat for your boyfriend is adorable!

<3 katherine

Nnenna said... Reply to comment

I love the hat that you made for your boyfriend- such a pretty color! And I bet your owl sweater is going to turn out so cute- I can't wait to see! I just started a new project this weekend. I'm making a striped sleeveless sweater out of cotton yarn that should be nice and lightweight for spring :)

Jadyn @ Dutch.British.Love said... Reply to comment

What a cute hat and I love that owl sweater!! I wonder how hard it will be once you get to it. I am a knitter too and I'm not on Ravelry although I probably should be, especially now that I realize there are great patterns like this one available!

lisa said... Reply to comment

Hopefully seeing your finished owl sweater will inspire me to finish mine! I started this about 2 years ago and have 1/2 a sleeve and the owls left. So close to being done and it fell by the wayside. I'm a lazy knitter :)

stina said... Reply to comment

I can't wait to see the finished Owl sweater! I've been thinking about starting one since the pattern came out, but haven't gotten to it. Is it coming out bulky at all? I usually knit with finer yarn than the pattern calls for.

Oh and I added you on Ravelry! It's such a great community!

Raji said... Reply to comment

It's my dream to spend a St Patrick's Day in Dublin!
That hat is gorgeous, Ive just started learning to knit and I love it
Hope I'll be this good some day

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