22 September 2011

Hello! ♥

One of my favourite things about style blogs (apart from the styles!) is reading about other bloggers' lives, what they do, where they live, the music they love.. maybe I'm just nosy?

Anyway in that spirit I thought I should post a little bit about my life in Dublin!

This is my house, it's a gate lodge. It's very cute and bijou (that means small). We're renting it, which in Ireland means that you can't paint or decorate and you're stuck with someone else's furniture. But I've done my best to make it cosy! 

I live there with my boyfriend, we've been together for 7 years. He doesn't understand blogging so I will protect his anonymity for now!

My favourite place in the world is New York. I was there in June and it was fantastic (despite experiencing the highest temperatures ever recorded there). I've been trying to figure out a way that I could move there but there's really no way unless you win the green card lottery, or finished college recently and can get a J1 visa.

The moment I discovered a machine that makes peanut butter in NYC
My current style crush is Summer Finn from (500) Days of Summer.. and of course, Zooey Deschanel. I love her style, I think, but her lovely hair is so distracting, I don't know what she's wearing half the time!

My blog name comes from the Joanna Newsom song "Inflammatory Writ" - if you haven't heard her, check her out. She has a voice that divides opinion but she's an incredible musician and lyricist. I've seen her play live about 10 times now, and followed her around the UK (just a little!)

So is it just me? Or are you as curious about other bloggers' lives as I am?

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Trees said... Reply to comment

I love having a nose into other peoples lives^^ You house is SO cute - I'd love to visit Ireland. My bf still has family there (his grandfather was Irish)so one time soon we will have to come visit the emerald isles. I love Zooey too! I think loads of people have a girl crush on her as she's fabulous!

taffetaramblings said... Reply to comment

I loved this post. I think you are right, I mostly like blogs that combine style & a bit about the blogger's life. It is like getting to have a good nosey at someone's life. I also have a massive girl crush on Zooey, she can do no wrong! x

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

What a great post! Thanks for shaing this.
I like to get to know the people I interact with in the blogging world too, curiosity is part of human nature after all.
Zooey is not only stunning but she has amazing style and she's truely talented too.

Philip said... Reply to comment

This post is so cute! and Zooey is really pretty!!

plasticshutters.blogspot.com - Please take a glance

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Love your blog. Love zoey . New follower

Anna said... Reply to comment

I've been to NY a handful of times (I only live 3.5 hours' drive away though) and.. haven't been back since the year before last. I'm really not a NY fan though - the skyscrapers kill the sunset. I'm a huge fan of airy and open spaces so I prefer Washington DC (my hometown) better. If you ever get a chance to visit you must. It's so beautiful it hurts.

You home looks fantastic. I would kill to live there even for a little bit!

P.S - where is that gorgeous red shirt from? It looks amazing!

Cosmia said... Reply to comment


I'd love to visit other places in the States! I'll put Washington on my list :)

The shirt is Forever 21, I actually have an outfit post for it here: http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/442526-Casual+cropping-burnt-orange-aldo-shoes-navy-per-una-jeans-dark-brown-urban-outfitters-neckl

It's cropped too which is cute!

the girl never gets older said... Reply to comment

nice to meet you! ✿ hey, I love Joanna Newsom too, my favourite song is Cosmia - hm, Cosmia is your real name? ;D I knew I knew I knew that it has to be etymology of your blog's name! :) hugs ♥

Cosmia said... Reply to comment

@the girl never gets older

I WISH Cosmia was my real name :D
It's one of my favourite songs too. I love J-New ;)

Mimi and Tilly said... Reply to comment

I've just found your blog via Wordshaker Magazine (I've done a couple of guest posts for them). I love what you've written about bloggers and the wonderful things they do, creating original contnet, designing their blogs, sharing their creative genius. It's why I love blogging too. I just wanted to say "Hell!" and let you know your blog is beautiful. Em x

sarah jane said... Reply to comment

Hi! I just found your blog and love it! I love finding other Irish blogs! Thanks for sharing:)

Cait Emma said... Reply to comment

i think i just found a soulmate in you! i lived in ireland a couple years ago and LOVED it, blogs are becoming so much better than magazines, and zooey is one of my favorite actresses.

i hope we get to learn more about each other xo

C | www.linenandleaves.blogspot.com

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