18 September 2011


Thrifted dress // Urban Outfitters belt // Oasis brooch

I got this dress at a Pop Up Style swap which was held as part of the Dublin Fashion Festival. I'm usually very skeptical about events like this where you bring items and swap them for other peoples' clothes. I was right to be wary - I brought a Topshop blouse, a Motel dress and an Urban Outfitters dress and the clothes that were on offer for swapping were the most random selection of junk I've ever seen. Lucky for me I kept my eye on the swapping rail and when someone brought in this lovely dress I snapped it up! 

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balletslippers said... Reply to comment

Thanks :)
The case is all fabric, but with a thicker lining and a padding. I think that will be sufficient as long as I dont throw the camera around. ;)

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

I've never been to swap - I can see why you were wary but that dress is lovely, what a great find.

Heather, 29 Skirts said... Reply to comment

Oh, that is a cute dress! I like swapping with friends, but I've never been to a swap event like this. It sounds really cool in theory, but it also sounds like there should be someone to monitor the items accepted into the swap for quality control!

Trees said... Reply to comment

I have never done one of those swapping things - I think I have similar fears as you! But this dress is fab and it looks beautiful on you.


The Headless Mannequin said... Reply to comment

I'd say some people just use it as a wardrobe spring clean which is really unfair...chances are if you haven't worn it in ten years people aren't going to be falling over themselves for it! Anyway, you lucked out big time! This dress is really gorgeous :)

audrey said... Reply to comment

did you dye your hair darker? it looks so fantastic in this photo. swaps can be so hit or miss but it looks like you did well!

Cosmia said... Reply to comment


I did indeed, thanks! It's darker than I wanted but I reckon it'll fade :)

GIRL AND CLOSET said... Reply to comment

aww, too bad to hear that some people brought old stuff, not very fair at all! However, SO great that you grabbed that dress because it's absolutely lovely on you & I adore the floral print! Happy wearing. xo veronika

the girl never gets older said... Reply to comment

oh, you look really beautiful in black, and the color of your hair, and your makeup and the glasses add the perfect touch! ♥

Audrey Leighton said... Reply to comment

thrifting is the best, isnt it??



xx Audrey

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

indeed a good find there. cute picture, too. If that is your room I am quite jealous and regardless I am going to go clean now haha <3

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

PS I really like this hairstyle and color. And I clearly have to leave at least two comments for every post aha

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