15 September 2011

White whales

I'm so in love with a certain style of shoe at the moment. I'm not even sure what they're called, so it's hard to find images of them. Basically they're a wedge ankle boot, with a wedge that doesn't look like a separate part of the shoe. I've seen them in a couple of shops, but don't seem to be on any websites yet (I swear I saw them in New Look in London, but I can't find them anywhere else!) Similar to this but a nicer shape:

Why so tall, shoe?

Aside from not being able to find these beauties, the other problem is that I can't wear heels. Not that I can't walk in them - I have a pinched nerve in my toe which means if I wear heels that are too high, it puts pressure on the nerve and it's agony. So what I am looking for is a wedge ankle boot, with a low heel. This does not exist!!

How come you want to expose my flabby flanks, jeans?

It's the same as my never-ending quest for high waisted, red skinny jeans. Did I make them up? Are they so obscure? I can't find them ANYWHERE! I even emailed an Irish fashion journalist who replied and said she would find them for me and write about it in her column. Needless to say, this did not happen.

So low wedge ankle boots go on my list, along with high waisted red skinnies, black silk trousers WITHOUT a pleated waist, a plain hooded wool coat that's not a duffel, a simple round necked knitted jumper. Please tell me if you have spotted any of these!

Are there any clothes you've been searching for for so long that you think they might not exist?

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Meggy said... Reply to comment

Hello! Lovely blog, I'm also lusting after a pair of these shoes. I saw some in H&M today, I can't remember how high they are but hopefully they would work!



The Headless Mannequin said... Reply to comment

Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm always excited to find a fellow Irish style blogger never mind a fellow librarian...helping to end the stereotype of dowdy librarians with their hair in a bun :) I'm just starting the library masters though so technically I'm not a fully fledged librarian just yet. Anyway, I'll keep my eyes peeled for those two elusive fashion items for you!

Jul said... Reply to comment

Oooh I love that shoe! So stylish :)and those red jeans are cute too. So sorry you can't find them!


Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

Those shoes are gorgeous, I know exactly what you mean with the hidden wedge.

A pinched nerve in your foot doesn't sound like much fun :( I have one in my shoulder and that's bad enough.

Good luck with the hunt!!

audrey said... Reply to comment

hmm. can you shop zara online in ireland? that's where i got my red skinnies. as for these boots. . . i have a couple of pairs that i'm getting ready to toss. .. what size do you wear?

Cosmia said... Reply to comment


That's awesome Audrey, I wear a UK 6/EU 39.. apparently that's a US 8.5? We do have Zara in Ireland but their jeans all seem to be low rise.

Sarah said... Reply to comment

Sounds like you need to start making clothes because everything you want is elusive. I wish you luck on your hunt!

Carla Violet said... Reply to comment

i sooo love the shoes!!!
i think there are a lot in my mind actually... i swear i've been looking for the perfect boyfriend blazer for my but i can never find it... i do see a lot but they're either not the color i want or too big, doesn't fit well, etc... i've been looking for ages... haha

anyway thanks for your comment on my blog!


Caroline Ergy Erg said... Reply to comment

Ahh, i know what type of boot you're talking about, i like them too! Shame any shoes i like are stupidly high :(

Hope Adela Pasztor said... Reply to comment

Those red jeans are super elegant! =)


[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

I have been looking for these shoes forever, agreeably not so tall, for like two years it seems. I can't find the right ones ANYWHERE. I want them in black. Those are the closest I've seen. I will keep in touch on this issue ..

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

also, real lol's @ "How come you want to expose my flabby flanks, jeans?"

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