10 September 2011


H&M jacket // Next jeans

When I first started work as Librarian I was told I needed to dress more "officey". I had some office-appropriate clothes, but nothing I felt comfortable wearing. Dressing for the office implies dressing in a bland, conformist way, and it seems to me like a complete waste of clothes-wearing time! Since I spend most of my waking week at work, I don't want to spend my days wearing clothes I dislike. I've slowly managed to expand the range of items I wear (I only started wearing jeans to work in the past year) and I haven't had any complaints so far, from management, researchers or otherwise!

Cos shirt

What do you wear to work? Do you feel constrained by the job you do?

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Jul said... Reply to comment

What a lovely work outfit :) I adore the blouse and you look great in these jeans! You really work as a librarian? Cool! I'd love to be a librarian in the future :)


Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

Yay, you found red jeans! They look great, especially with the crisp white shirt - perfect for a fun work look.

I have to wear a uniform :( It saves time and money I guess...

Cosmia said... Reply to comment

@Porcelain complexion

Well spotted! They're low rise though, which I hate :(

Sarah: said... Reply to comment

Really nice outfit -- I've worked at several offices and feel so bizarre and unnatural dressed in starchy workwear - or god forbid, a two piece suit.

I think this is a perfect buisness-like compromise!

balletslippers said... Reply to comment

Thanks for commenting.
I like your outfit. It's definetely something I would also wear to work. Although I have no restrictions when it comes to clothes, I'm trying to look not too casual at work.

Karin (Wunderlust) said... Reply to comment

so cute I really like your shoes xxx

Tieka, Selective Potential said... Reply to comment

Okay... now I'm totally inspired to buy red jeans. These are SO CUTE! xo

Vania Clarissa said... Reply to comment

hey , thanks for your comment on my blog :)

i'm following you now , hope you want to follow me back .


deniz saatçioğlu said... Reply to comment

Great look!

You have a lovely style and blog. Wanna follow each other? I' d be really glad.


Justine Chantelle said... Reply to comment

i love your hair.


Trees said... Reply to comment

Nice work outfit! I feel really lucky at my work, as I am allowed to wear pretty much whatever I want and I am a public servant. But in NZ we are pretty lucky as the public service has a really accepting attitude. But in the past I have had jobs that my style has been a little too "loud" for I guess. But I totally agree with you, you spend SO much time at work and you need to feel "like yourself" at work. Not like you're putting on a costume.

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

eeeee! I love the slight menswear vibe going on with this. I do not currently have a job, but when I did, I almost always felt restricted in my clothing choices ; I couldn't wait to get out of when I got home. !! You're doing it right. xx

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