03 September 2011

Mini Haul

I had an absolutely lovely time in London last weekend. I was struck by three things while I was there:

  1. Vintage clothing in London is just amazing. In Dublin, vintage clothing is usually an assortment of horrible 80s junk that you can only wear in an ironic way. And if something is genuinely nice, it's incredibly expensive. In London if you're rummaging at a carboot sale or market, the clothes are actually wearable.
  2. When, oh when will COS open a proper shop in Ireland? I could happily dress in COS-only outfits for the rest of my life. A small concession store is not enough.
  3. Why is it that when you have a bit of money to spend, you can never find anything you want to buy?
I bought a few nice things in London, but I came home with a pretty empty suitcase unfortunately.
Some of my buys:

Cute, simple wooden necklace from Go Go Philip at Westfield

Handmade necklace from Broadway Market, Hackney

Angora mix cardie from Topshop

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Kenziefaith said... Reply to comment

That first necklace is seriously adorable. Adore it!

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

Gorgeous new goodies <3

I know the feeling, its so frustrating! Then whenever you're broke or on a shopping ban there's always loads of stuff you'd like to by. Murphys law.

Good luck with the hunt for your jeans - I'm sure they'll look amazing on you if you could only find some!!


[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

Love those necklaces; the second looks especially fun. Thank you soooo much for your help with my blog questions, always so simple and helpful! :D <3
You should all be in Alabama and we'd be besties, probably! <3 haha

Cosmia said... Reply to comment

No problem! It makes me feel like I know loads of stuff (which I totally don't! :D)

Caroline Ergy Erg said... Reply to comment

Cute necklaces! Love vintage clothes too :D

Eva said... Reply to comment

Great buys - I really love that wooden necklace; I'm a big fan of simple pieces!

Sarah: said... Reply to comment

I have that exact same problem - when I'm broke I want EVERYTHING - I always have a running list of stuff I'm pining after. And as soon as I get any money at all suddenly all the stuff I wanted is sold out/is suddenly not as appealing as I thought/disappears without a trace...

I guess it's a good thing in the long run -- not spending money. :P

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

haha, no, you are the web-guru as far as I am concerned!

and, to answer #3..
I think it's when you have money, you tend to debate more over whether or not you rrreally want the item aka do you rrreally want to spend the money; happens to me all the time >.<

wishwishwish said... Reply to comment

Ooh lovely things : ) I have a couple GoGo Philip necklaces and love them! x

Arabella said... Reply to comment

lovely goodies! I have a pretty extensive gogo phillip collection and I love it :)

t said... Reply to comment

Nice buys!


Jo said... Reply to comment

I love love love the wooden necklace especially! <3 What truly amazing finds!

Lost in the Haze

Sorcha said... Reply to comment

Such a pretty necklace! Oh, Westfield. It's almost my second home! :)

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

Lilmendoza said... Reply to comment

I love love Broadway Market!! their foods are amazing tooo :)

Trees said... Reply to comment

That necklace from Hackney is AMAZING!!

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