17 December 2011

Singin' in the Rain

I've posted before about Film Fatale - it's a supercute club night where an old movie is screened, and everyone dresses up as the era in the film. After the movie there's a DJ playing music from the 40s and 50s, which I love! So far I've been to see Roman Holiday and Double Indemnity. And tonight it's time for "Singin' in the Rain"!
I found it pretty tricky to put an outfit together. I love 1920s style but it doesn't suit my body shape  at all, so I don't have any twenties inspired clothes in my wardrobe. Drop-waisted flapper dresses do not flatter the curvy! 
My faux fur is making an appearance once again - a very lazy way to do vintage I suppose. Aside from getting to dress up, I'm actually really excited to see the movie, as I've never seen it before. What do you think of 20s fashion? Is it something you would incorporate into your daily style? I'm definitely planning to wear the turban again!

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Amy {I Am Adorkable} said... Reply to comment

Oh my gosh! Singin' in the Rain is one of my favourite musicals! You will not be disappointed!
As for the outfit, I really like it! A nice modern twist on a flapper style to me. The turban goes really well with the outfit too. I much prefer the longer dresses from the 20s, and the hairstyles.
Film fatale sounds like such a good night out! *jealous* I'm going to have to search for something similar in Brighton as I would love to attend something like that!
I hope you have fun tonight Xo Amy

Crissy said... Reply to comment

You pull it off so well! I love how your hair gives it a pop of color! :)

I agree with how it doesn't flatter curves :< I saw this cute flapper dress with a little bit of fringe and had to walk away from it.

The Canon Girl said... Reply to comment

Agreed, while I love the 20's style dresses they are not flattering for girls with hips, boobs and a waist, it makes you look very boxy. On the other hand, if you like to wear stuff like that than just do it, we don't NEED to wear flattering things (all the time). :-D The hats and the hair thoug: totally me. That club sounds awesome, I love movies and I love dressing up so that sounds like the perfect night out! Singin' in the rain is one of my favorite movies too, I love the music and the humor, it's just a perfect feel good movie! OH and gorgeous dress! Hope you had/have fun!

Trees said... Reply to comment

I do like the turban! Looks great:)

I have to agree with you, 1920's fashion does little to flatter the curvy lady, I think that's why I stay FAR away from it.

Hope you enjoyed the film:)

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

Absolutely gorgeous! I love your take on this. The stole & that adorable turban look amazing on you.
I can't do drop waists either :( but I love the style none the less xo

Lola said... Reply to comment

Love your dress and fur stole!! X

HoneyBunny said... Reply to comment

You look amazing! I so so love the turban<33 I'm looking for one at the moment, although I'd have to see if it suits me at all;)

Heather, 29 Skirts said... Reply to comment

This outfit turned out super cute! The turban looks awesome! I feel the same way about '20s style...I have short hair (and have had longer bobs before) and love the opulent details, but styles that define the natural waist tend to look better on my body type.

The Midwest Muse said... Reply to comment

This dress is amazing! Your hat is super cute!

Sadie said... Reply to comment

I love 20's fashion but don't think it really suits me. Loving your faux fur and turban :) xx

Arielle said... Reply to comment

What a neat place! I wish we had something like this around here. Where is this located?

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said... Reply to comment


Hi Arielle, it's on in the Sugar Club in Dublin! :)

Danielle said... Reply to comment

You look so good, I don't think you could have pulled off 1920's any better ;-D. I searched high and low for that faux fur stole, H&M seem to have sold out everywhere in the colour I want, booo! xx

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said... Reply to comment

This is so absolutely divine! You look stunning. 20s esq clothes don't much flatter my body type, so this will definitely be going on my inspiration wall. xo

Marisa Noelle said... Reply to comment

Goodness, this is gorgeous!! Loving the 1920s vibe and that turban. You really remind me of a porcelain doll:) I just found your blog through Chantilly's and am already hooked!! Definitely following. xx Marisa

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