14 December 2011

Are you listening Santa?

I've been so preoccupied with buying Christmas presents that I hadn't started thinking about what might be on my own Christmas wishlist! Disgraceful eh?
Here are just a few of the pretty things I'd love to find in my stocking on the 25th. Nothing too extravagant, I'm sure Santa can sort me out with some of these..
What are you wishing for this Christmas? Have you managed to finish your shopping yet? It's my boyfriend's birthday on the 28th, damn him, so I still have some more gifts to buy!

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Farrah Abigaelle said... Reply to comment

The blanket from Urban Outfitters looks amazing!! And I wanted a Nikon D3100 camera but unfortunately I didn't have enough money so I'm saving up for a bit later. I got my presents already which is a toggle coat, and an 80s vintage sweater!

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said... Reply to comment

@Farrah Abigaelle

You got your presents already?? I hope you have more to open on Christmas day! :D

Crissy said... Reply to comment

Ooh love that dress & boots!

Trees said... Reply to comment

I love those sparkly boots!! I have finished shopping but still waiting for a couple of things to turn up in the mail that I bought online - I hope they arrive soon!

Cait said... Reply to comment

I love the bedding, I'm going to have a look at the website now :) I have nearly done my Christmas shopping now but it is stressing me out lol

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

I love those glitter boots! >.<
The weather here.. it's predictably unpredictable or something like that. One day it's nearly 80 degrees, two days later we're back down in the 30's.
And thanks about the skirt, even though it's all one piece, a dress if you will. How have you been lately? xx

The Midwest Muse said... Reply to comment

That blanket is beautiful. I hope you get all of your wishes!

Sadie said... Reply to comment

I love those chelsea boots, I often find myself on the topshop site admiring them, but I already got a puppy for Christmas so I'm praying they go in the sale after Christmas so I can get them myself :) xx

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