10 December 2011

Layers upon layers

I'm very unprepared for the sudden drop in temperature. Instead of having thermal undies, a poofy jacket and proper winter boots, I just layer up my usual clothes until I feel warm enough. I don't tend to put away "summer" clothes and take out "winter" ones. I put t-shirts or vests as a base layer, wear light dresses with thicker tights and wear multiple pairs of socks at once as conditions dictate.
My light spring scarves also become indoor scarves when it's particularly chilly. There's been something wrong with the heating in work for a few years now, so it's always good to have an extra cardigan at hand for when you're freezing at your desk! I also keep a spare pair of shoes in work for when I get soaked on my way in.
When the heating does decide to kick in and we're all suffocating in the office it's also a bonus to be able to remove a layer. Being overheated in a stuffy room is unpleasant. 
The problem with layering is trying to find a way of doing it wear a) the layers match, and b) the layers don't make you look like a lumpy weirdo. These are my go-to layering shorts because they're a big baggy at the waist, so you can tuck a lot of tops in there before they start bunching up and becoming visible. 
Do you do layering or are you a sensible person who wears proper, weather appropriate clothing?

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Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I love wearing layers, it makes me feel so warm and snug!

Saying that, I do love that checked shirt! :)


Farrah Abigaelle said... Reply to comment

I most definitely layer it looks good if you put the right combo of clothes together. Yours is definitely a great combo!

Arielle said... Reply to comment

I love your outfit un-layered too! It looks perfect for the Fall. Then you add the layers, and you are winter appropriate.


k f e d l a n d said... Reply to comment

I absolutely am in LOVE with your shorts, I have some like these from primark.. But your's look an absolute beaut! And I love how you've layerd it up to keep nice and warm, but also worn things so you can take your layers off easily :-)

chantilly said... Reply to comment

this is an adorable, adorable outfit. i love everything about it! <3

TheHeadlessMannequin said... Reply to comment

I'm the same...though having moved to Scotland this year I've invested in a few proper Aran style knitted jumpers!!

Trees said... Reply to comment

Super cute!! I am such a layering person - where I live in NZ is pretty mild, so it never really gets too cold or too hot;)

laura said... Reply to comment

layering, layering, layering! It totally works and you totally ROCK it. I wish I could match layers as well as you could. Love that yellow scarf!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

The Canon Girl said... Reply to comment

Nope, layering is my thing too. I'd rather wear a summer dress with a shirt and a sweater and maybe a cardi and some thick tights than just purely weather appropriate clothing. Gorgeous colors in your outfit, especially love the shirt and scarf! Awesome shorts too.

The Midwest Muse said... Reply to comment

I love the plaid with those shorts! Super adorable and I'm totally not a smart dresser. I wait until it's freezing as hell to try and be smart. I think of it as, I'm outside less than I'm ever inside.

Amy {I Am Adorkable} said... Reply to comment

I adore the outfit very much! I used to wear 'winter' clothing but now I tend to layer up. I love wearing knitwear all year round, doubling up chunky tunics as dresses etc. The weather is very bizarre at the moment too.

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