02 December 2011

Happy December!

Hurrah, hurrah, December is here! That means it's pretty much Christmas NOW. Or at the very least, you can legitimately start Christmas shopping, listening to Christmas music, eating mince pies and getting into the Christmas spirit. I have added some snow to my blog header, it's my little hint to the snow gods to throw some snow my way before the end of the year! Did I say "snow" enough times there? Take the hint, snow!

Also I am just thrilled to have gained a few new followers in the past week, taking me over the magical 5-0. To celebrate and say thanks I am planning a little Christmas giveaway so keep an eye out! And thanks to every who reads, follows or comments on my blog, it's so very much appreciated.
Honestly I think this is the longest dress I've ever worn! But when I look at the photos it doesn't look that long really. I think of it as a maxi dress/foray into 90s grunge - this is about a maxi as I ever plan to go. I wore it in the rain last week and got absolutely drenched though, which is one maxi hazard I hadn't considered.
Ideally I would wear my wedge ankle boots with this outfit but unfortunately the pinched nerve in my foot is playing up, and my other foot is starting to hurt too. I went to the physio and apparently I have unusually thin feet. What a completely useless place to be thin! I am so jealous of all the ladies I see walking around in high heels right now.. I never really cared about wearing heels until I found out that I can't.

So are you excited that it's December? What's your favourite part of the season?

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Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said... Reply to comment

i really love that cardigan. mucho mucho.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I am in love with your bracelet! Also, I love how you manage to look comfy and cozy, but still very fashionable. Yellow is lovely on you and I like your hair!

The Canon Girl said... Reply to comment

Awesome bracelet and that cardigan has a beautiful color, it looks amazing on you! And I'm sorry about your feet! I'm not much of a heel wearer either but I'd like to keep my options open too, I guess. :-D My favorite part of the season is my birthday! My birthday is December 9th and my boyfriend always buys me the best presents. And he's a great cook so my birthdays with the boy are always great. A little more depressing is that my mother never knows what to buy me so she gives me giftcards of a black legging or something. :-D And of course the family gather we have in december. My brother lives 3 hours away and his wife is pregnant so I'm excited to see them again!

pearlslaceandruffles said... Reply to comment

That yellow cardigan is just darling! I love it. Grey and yellow is one of my favorite color combos! xo


Clara Turbay said... Reply to comment

Great job here. i love it all.


Eva said... Reply to comment

Lovely look - really want that bracelet!
My snake earring is from Regal Rose by the bye, and it's actually thin and no stretching required! It just looks that way. You should check them out online they have some great stuff! x

Sara said... Reply to comment

I love your outfit and these pictures, you look so good, that dress is really beautiful, the print, the length, the shape are all perfect. You are so beautiful; also your cardigan is pretty awesome! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!
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laura said... Reply to comment

that is one lovely bracelet, and the mustard and grey work so well with each other. I LOVE the holiday season. For some odd reason, I am happier during this time of year. Or maybe, greedier. hahahah.

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

k f e d l a n d said... Reply to comment

Another cute cute dress you own! I love how you've teamed it with a yellow cardigan to give off some colour. Looks awesome x

chantilly said... Reply to comment

girl, i am dying over that cardigan... it goes so well with your beautiful hair!

and congrats on hitting 50 followers! it's a wonderful accomplishment :)

The Midwest Muse said... Reply to comment

Your bracelet is BEAUTIFUL.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Gorgeous bracelet!

And I did my xmas shopping in November... but I totally agree about doing other xmasey things in December! Oh yes.

And congrats on the followers!


HoneyBunny said... Reply to comment

Oh, I love that cardigan and the cuff<3

India said... Reply to comment

Lovely look!

indie.electronic.alternative. said... Reply to comment

i'm super excited it's december and even more excited that the weather has been tolerable. :) cute blog.

Jasmine Johnson said... Reply to comment

I love the bracelet ! Very punk rock :)


Clara Turbay said... Reply to comment

I like how you put together your ideas in this blog.


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