18 February 2012


I've had this River Island skirt since the January sales (€10!) but I've had trouble deciding what to pair it with. I tried a silky white shirt but it just looked too 80s for me. So today I put on my Primark cape and it all went a little bit gothic.. or do I mean 90s grunge?
L'oreal mango intense copper
It's strange when there are combinations in your wardrobe that, when put together, create a style that's not really what you intended at all. It was very chilly today, despite the sun, so when I left the house I put on a black leather jacket and a grey wool hat and felt like an emo teenager! But sometimes it's nice to be a little outside your fashion comfort zone.
l'oreal mango intense copper
Is there anything in your wardrobe that you find it difficult to style?

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Pretty Things said... Reply to comment

grat outfit, i have that problem too with some items, this is why I should really think before i buy! love the cute tabs on your photos - how did you do that?



lazy explorers said... Reply to comment

I see what you mean about it looking a bit grunge. I have loads of things in my closet that I cannot figure out how to wear.

Abigail. said... Reply to comment

IT's always great to try something different I feel, even if you'll never wear it again...
I found this adorable little green skirt, from river island last year. It's covered in tiny little pandas and as soon as I saw it on the dummy I hunted around the store for it. I love it to bits but still haven't found anything that works well with it. Nightmare.

Meghan Edge said... Reply to comment

I think you look super cute! I love this outfit on you.

Drea said... Reply to comment

Really pretty, I am loving that skirt!!

Drea xo


Maria- CityLaundry said... Reply to comment

cute skirt! looks great!


Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said... Reply to comment

i have a few tops that i don't know how to style. skirts are even harder for me. i have so few of them.

Trees said... Reply to comment

I really like that skirt! I have a cute little capped sleeve cardy, I've owned it for years and its adorable but its a really weird shade or coral and it never seems to go with any of my clothes.

The Canon Girl said... Reply to comment

The cape looks super comfy and that skirt is awesome! I'd probably have a hard time styling it too, though, because of the colors. The fit is great, I'd probably wear it with everything and nothing. :-D It's indeed a bit grungey!

Louisejoyb said... Reply to comment

just come across your lovely blog :) I love the striped skirt, I've seen a similar one I've had my eye on but don't really know what to pair it with! It looks super comfy though!

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

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