07 October 2011

Make way for Autumn!

River Island cardie // Urban Outfitters dress // Aldo brogues // Asos necklace

As many, many bloggers are saying at the moment, I love Autumn!! The temperature has suddenly dropped this week and that means it's finally appropriate to bring out the cosy cardies, wool tights, hats and scarves. We had a strange unseasonable heatwave for the last couple of weeks, but that didn't stop me breaking out my Winter wardrobe.. this week I'll be wearing the same things but I won't be sweating half as much. 

New Look hat

What's your favourite thing about Autumn? I love the leaves changing colour, the chance to light a fire in the evenings, and the overwhelming desire to spend all weekend making soups.

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Heather, 29 Skirts said... Reply to comment

Aww, cute cozy cardigan! I love the holidays and the way the sky looks and how the air feels. I also enjoy drinking hot beverages all the time.

taffetaramblings said... Reply to comment

very cute outfit. I love wearing hats, boots & gloves. jumping in piles of leaves & drinking hot chocolate at every opportunity!xxx

Meghan Edge said... Reply to comment

very cute outfit- I love that dress. It looks so comfy but still cute.

Your red hair makes me wish I had red hair again.

Rebeccak said... Reply to comment

hah.. I suck at this northern autumn stuff. Today I went out wearing half my suitcase worth of clothing - and then did this weird dressing and undressing dance every time I got on and off the tube. Lame! But you do it beautifully :)

Cait said... Reply to comment

Cute cardigan, and your glasses are great :)

Jul said... Reply to comment

You look very cute :) I like how you paired the dress with your chunky cardi!
I'm also very excited about autumn- yesterday was the first time in a month that we had really autumn temperatures and dressing up was so much fun :)

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Pretty Things said... Reply to comment

you look so adorable! love the cosy cardigan and hat, and thats what I love about autumn is the changing of the leaves



Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

What's not to love about Autumn?! It's my favourite time of year too, it's cool enough for lots of yummy layers but it's not so cold that it's painful getting up in the mornings.

Your cardi & beany look super cosy & cute <3

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

I love the weather cooling down, the changing colors of leaves, all the festive new flavors to things, like pumpkin spice lattes and things of the like; just warm weather food in general. So good. I have never made a soup but definitely want to try it out; do you have a favorite recipe? :) xx

oh how dare I forget, you look adorable. love those boots and the hat. I need more hats.

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

I'll comment back here too just in case you didn't see but yes, I agree with you about the larger font keeping visitors at your site longer.. I am way more like to stay and browse if I can read easily and quickly without feeling like I am "studying" haha.. I had been using Helvetica, but it started failing me. Are you using Arial? it's a good size. Mine right now is like HEY EVERYONE I AM YELLINGGGG!!!!! :D haha

Alice, Pretty Confused said... Reply to comment

There are so many little things I love about Autumn, the colours, bundling on my woolies and drinking insane amounts of tea to keep warm xo

t said... Reply to comment

Nice outfit!


Trees said... Reply to comment

You look cozy & cute!

Autumn is a great season - its not too cold.

In our part of the world spring is here - so I am enjoying all the pretty flowers in bloom:D

The Headless Mannequin said... Reply to comment

Just after spotting the lovely blog award you sent my way...I'm very honoured :) I've been wireless-less the last month so am now busily catching up on all my fav blogs. I'm also a Joanna Newsom fan by the way....I looove her! She seems to be like marmite though because I've tried to convert a few friends almost at the cost of our friendship :) I love this outfit...the dress, cardigan and boots are all gorgeous. My favourite thing about autumn has to be the layering, roaring fires and the fact that Christmas is just around the corner.

audrey said... Reply to comment

so cute! love this outfit. makes me excited for autumn, too.

i think i'm most excited to wear tights again. . . i like being able to be lazy about shaving my legs, ha!

TheMakeupMuffins said... Reply to comment

I love cups of tea by the fire. Can't wait to buy a new autumn wardrobe this weekend, you've inspired me a little :)


Vicki said... Reply to comment

i love layering and halloween the best! :) love ur dress!! x

two birds said... Reply to comment

this is one of the most amazing sweaters i have seen! i love the color and the length and the cool pockets!

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