11 October 2011

Social tweetbooking

 I had the most amazingly good luck this week - I was on Facebook just as Asos uploaded a link to their "You Choose" sale. I didn't even know what it was, but when I clicked in I realised that one of the bags I had on my wishlist was on sale, reduced from €96 to €16! I bought it, but my hands were shaking with adrenaline so much that I'm surprised I managed to enter my credit card details correctly!
There was only one other item on ASOS that I'd been dreaming about.. a beautiful tba silk dress that was over €200. I was too scared to search for tba on the site and be disappointed because I knew it was this season's stock, so browsed through the entire sale section, page by page. And on the final page, there it was! Reduced by 50%! It's winging its way to me know and I really hope it fits..

Thank you social media/ASOS for my bargain hunting thrill ride this week!

And speaking of social networking (good segue eh?) I've set up a Twitter account for this blog. You can follow at @IKnitBlog, or click on my little bird below if you're feeling fancy:


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two birds said... Reply to comment

lucky! don't you just love happy surprises like that? that dress is gorgeous!

D said... Reply to comment

That's so nice!! That dress is very pretty & that bag was a steal! :D


Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

Yay, what great timing!! Must be meant to be xox

Trees said... Reply to comment

Yah! Sales!

That little bird is almost TOO cute:D

Eloise said... Reply to comment

Gutted I missed this sale!


Louisa said... Reply to comment

oh that dress is lovely!
i just stumbled across your blog, and im really loving it! I am now following! :)


Girl about town.... said... Reply to comment

Ah I'm sure it will fit! What a great dress too! Its so classic!

Lovely little blog you have here! Love the design.
I'll see you on Twitter!

Girl about Town XxX

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said... Reply to comment

You crack me up. :)
I remember a few weeks ago when Modcloth had their Last Hurrah sale. The dress of my dreams was on the sale page, and I was so excited/adrenaline rushed that I could hardly type in my paymet info!!

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

Lucky, indeed!!! I got excited for you myself there just reading it haha..

+Interesting soup recipe (comment on my blog) did you ever make it? I must admit I have only tried/started to enjoy pesto earlier this year! Previously.. I was afraid. My family doesn't eat it and I had no idea what the flavor would be. Uh, delicious? Yes. They should just rename it 'delicious'.
Also, I have never heard of rocket. I need to find this, what a cute name for a soup ingredient. Peas & Rockets! :D

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