22 October 2011

Faux fur and peter pan

Vero Moda dress // H&M faux fur wrap // Aldo boots

Please please someone stop me buying any more clothes? I've wanted a faux fur wrap and wedge ankle boots since the summer and now that I have them I declare myself all shopped out for the Autumn!
I've had a Vero Moda voucher in my wallet since June however, and in their sale today I finally found something worth spending €15 on... I got this cute peter pan dress in the sale.
If I mention one more purchase between now and Christmas please chastise me severely?

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Jazzy E (Hivenn) said... Reply to comment

Beautiful. x hivenn

dandy-doll said... Reply to comment

haha, it's gonna be difficult no to buy anything. I am the same, can resist for long but always end buying something :)
I love your fur scarf and blouse!! Very Cute!!



Meghan Edge said... Reply to comment

excellent! I love your shirt and ... well this whole outfit but I really love your shirt. And as always, your hair makes me happy.

Trees said... Reply to comment

Why is it whenever you decide to keep your money in your pocket all the sales happen! I love the Peter Pan frock and the faux fur is fabulous!

Alice, Pretty Confused said... Reply to comment

Haha, don't worry I am terrible for unintended purchases, in fact I did exactly that today. I love this dress, the collar is adorable xo

Ellie I Like Ginger Biscuits said... Reply to comment

Gorgeous outfit, I love a bit of faux fur so luxurious!
Very pretty dress :)
Hope you're having a fantastic weekend :)
Ellie xx

Beatrice said... Reply to comment

LOVE this. Am following now :)

Please please please follow me and let me know what you think! - can’t wait to hear from you!!


kisses polly x

KJG said... Reply to comment

Wow I love you hair! And I think the fur looks beautiful with that dress (: xx

laura said... Reply to comment

that fur wrap is just amazing. I'd love to get my mitts on it!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Kc said... Reply to comment

Cool blog! :) you have great style :) new follower!


Kaleido Mind said... Reply to comment

your hair + faux fur = amazing!!

Jul said... Reply to comment

You look beautiful! I love the faux fur and the dress <3 and I understand you well: I have the same "problem" too haha :)
Life is a romantic poem

D said... Reply to comment

Adorable peter pan collar dress <3 & that faux fur is amazing!!!


mel said... Reply to comment

I also love the dress. And I know the feeling, I really don't need anything, but keep shopping! I am trying to get Christmas presents early, but I always find things for me! I need to put my wallet in a rocketship and send it to space for a while, to give it a break.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

i have a crush on peter pan collars
they look amazing

Kate said... Reply to comment

that outfit is gorgeous! lovelovelove the dress and fur wrap!

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

Again.. hair is amazing. Also! I have been dying for a faux fur stole! You've beat me to it! >.<

[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

.. I hit "post comment" like 30x because I thought I may be frozen.. Sorry if I spammed you haha <3

CENDRITYSS said... Reply to comment

Like this outfit !

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