13 August 2011

Red and Green Should Never Be Seen

Zara coat // Next jeans // Aldo brogues

I've been putting off posting about Autumn/Winter because every time I think I've finished my little clothes collage something new and lovely appears in the shops. I love A/W - the cosiness of it, the colours, the textures, the layering, and most especially the fact that we can dress for the weather. It's almost never warm or sunny during the Irish summer and it's a pain dressing in a light dress or a t-shirt and getting rained on repeatedly. In Autumn we can finally acknowledge that it's chilly, windy and drizzly and it's ok to wear a scarf and hat!

I'm trying to hold back on buying lots of cardies, woolly tights and jumpers because you never know when something even better will appear in store and it's still early in the season. But I have taken the plunge and bought my Winter coat from Zara. I love it! It really makes me look forward to the sunny, freezing days we should be having soon enough.

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Eva said... Reply to comment

Great look! Awesome colours and I love the coat :)
I think A/W clothing is the best too - I love to layer! X

Miri said... Reply to comment

Great look for fall - love the red pants!

I am also looking forward to the winter season! And I just can't help myself, but to start purchasing fall/winter items...:D

Miri's Castle

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

Autumn would have to be my favourite season, it's not quite freezing but it's cool enough to wear layers & rich autumnal tones which I adore.

Love the colour of your jeans!

Thanks for stopping by, just became a follower <3

P.s LOVE the orange skirt in your last outfit post xo

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

I'm your first follower on bloglovin :)

Cosmia said... Reply to comment

@Porcelain complexion

Yay thanks! :D

danniekate said... Reply to comment

love how you've disproved the "rule" :) xx

HAUSOFCHIC said... Reply to comment

Cute outfit!

amber bielarski said... Reply to comment

I DO love this post! your coat has me green with envy! (although I am sure I wouldn't have made it look so flyyy!) <33 I am still stuck in summer mode, but it's still so hot in the south >.<

wishwishwish said... Reply to comment

Ahh there is nothing better than a new winter coat, is there?! I bought mine in July! haha x

Alegra said... Reply to comment

you look like the perfect mod, i love it! <3

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