19 August 2011

Make a statement

Urban Outfitters top // Vero Moda shorts // Urban Outfitters belt

I just got this necklace and it was interesting to build an outfit around a piece of jewellery. I want to start adding "statement jewellery" to my wardrobe. Usually I go for small, delicate pieces like a gold chain with a tiny letter or symbol on them. I do like them, but they're barely visible as part of an outfit. Sometimes it's hard to separate items that as I like as an object, and ones that actually look interesting when I'm wearing them!

H&M necklace

4 thoughts:

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

That is a gorgeous necklace, I can see why you wanted to build an outfit around it.
Your blouse is lovely too, the colour & print look great on you xo

Pretty Things said... Reply to comment

such a sweet outfit, you look adorable and that necklace is really pretty



devorelebeaumonstre. said... Reply to comment

nice. xo


[OKAY BONES] said... Reply to comment

I love the necklace, and your piercing! I wonder, where it says "thoughts" instead of "comments" and your personalized message posting a comment, is there a tutorial? I am ditzy with the onlinez >.<

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