07 April 2012

No iron day

Happy Easter folks! I don't have many Easter traditions, apart from eating plenty of chocolate. I started a little early by eating the ears and face off my Lindt bunny. My friends' families seem to have all sorts of fancy things happening - lamb dinners, egg hunts, Easter outfits.. do you have any Easter rituals?
In other news (using the term "news" lightly) my iron finally gave up this week. It made getting ready for work pretty interesting. Instead of giving in a buying a new iron, I tried to wear outfits that didn't require ironing. As you can see, I had a very crumpled week.
Are you an ironer? My boyfriend used to iron his t-shirts and I have a friend who irons tea towels and underwear (madness!) I only give in when it's silk, or a work shirt!
Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend!

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Trees said... Reply to comment

Rich and I have zero Easter traditions :P We usually spend Easter chilling out or occasionally we will head away on a trip

I iron pretty much NOTHING! That must be why I like polyester so much :P

Meghan Edge said... Reply to comment

I really want this dress. I wish we had Topshop (I guess New York technically counts, but I don't live there).

Mckenzie said... Reply to comment

Aw, man. I love your necklace!
And I'm not an ironer, but I definitely know people who go a little overboard. Get it, board, like an ironing board. Hehe...

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I *hate* ironing my clothes. That's why I live in knit tees. I feel fancy when I wear something that needs ironing.

Porcelain complexion said... Reply to comment

Yay, you're back :)

I HATE ironing! Last time I tried I burnt a hole in a dress I'd only worn once :( No more ironing for me.

What a gorgeous dress and I love it with that necklace xo

daria said... Reply to comment

love your necklace! have a happy easter!

Eva said... Reply to comment

Lovely look! I love the match of pink in the dress/necklace! Ah, I don't have any Easter rituals - just eating my weight in chocolate and a good lie in if that counts! X

Jazz said... Reply to comment

My methods, I spray the garment with water using a spray bottle and throw it in the dyer, works wonders. Also, I hang the garment up while taking a shower, the steam takes the wrinkles out! :)

Nnenna said... Reply to comment

I had a wonderful Easter- my friend hosted a brunch at her apartment, which was a ton of fun! I am sooo not an ironer! In fact, I will do a lot to avoid ironing something! :)

Laura Go said... Reply to comment

I hate ironing. I also hate washing clothes. so I try to buy clothes that are wrinkle-free. I wish they were wash-free, but I guess that gives my husband purpose, eh? hehe.

I love this dress on you! and that necklace is really sweeetttt!

♥ laura
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P said... Reply to comment

I very rarely iron - I'm just too lazy!

Madeline said... Reply to comment

You're not alone in a doing an awful lot, I did see my little cousins though which was nice because it's a big deal for them!

Raji said... Reply to comment

Hah I iron everything! But your outfit looks lovely and not creased at all
Glad you had a good easter

chantilly said... Reply to comment

i actually forgot it was easter... haha. we made potato gnocchi. i think it's okay to be rumply every once in awhile... makes you more punk rock :)

Cait said... Reply to comment

Cute outfit, I love the boots! I hate ironing, I try to avoid it where possible, I'm sure this is evident in some of my outfit posts :)

lisa said... Reply to comment

I hate ironing and really avoid it if possible! And definitely no housewares like towels or sheets! I love that necklace!

Rachele said... Reply to comment

Very cute! I love caramel colored leather on everything.


Karen said... Reply to comment

Pretty florals! I really enjoy checking out your outfits.

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