06 November 2011

Brrr brrr brrr

It's absolutely freezing! According to the weather forecast it's 11 celsius today (51F) but it feels a couple of degrees above freezing in the shade. There was frost on the ground yesterday afternoon.. truly, it is Winter! In Dublin the Christmas lights have gone up on the main shopping streets in the past week, which is pretty exciting.
Penneys cardigan // Vero Moda shorts // Topshop tights

Apart from Christmas, the best part about Winter is obviously the opportunity to wear cosy knits and wool tights. I bought this Penneys* cardie last December for a trip to Berlin and it's fairly warm (although it couldn't withstand the -20 degree temperatures in Berlin - I've never been so cold in my life). When you can get proper wool knitwear in Penneys it's surprisingly good quality though.

*Penneys = Primark in the UK!
Accesorize ring // Tatty Devine brooch

And then I had to go back inside for some hot chocolate...!

Is it starting to get chilly where you are? If you're in the UK, are you looking forward to another "big snow".. or dreading it?

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taffetaramblings said... Reply to comment

Your cardigan is super cute & admiring your Tatty Devine brooch!

I am very excited for the cold (ask me in a few weeks & I will probably have had enough!) xx

The Headless Mannequin said... Reply to comment

Oooh I love this outfit...it's really cute and cosy looking! I'm dreading the snow...we had enough of it the last two Irish winters to do us a lifetime and now I'm facing into a winter in Aberdeen....brrrrr!!

The Canon Girl said... Reply to comment

Gorgeous cardigan and tights, I really love all your outfits! And I'd totally wear it too, the broach and the ring are super cute accessories. And even though I don't live in England... I'm kind of looking forward to the cold but on the other hand not so much. I'm not sure, once it's cold it usually stays cold for a LONG time and I'm not looking forward to that.

dandy-doll said... Reply to comment

You look fabulous and you have such a unic fantastic style!! i like your top!



Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said... Reply to comment

I have to be honest, I REALLY want snow again this year!

Patrycja Sz said... Reply to comment

Oh, you look very cute. I love your tights. In Poland -20 degree temperature is very normal in winter. I can't wait for snow!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I love all of the purples! :) You pull it off really well.

xo, Samantha

t said... Reply to comment

Nice look!


Arielle said... Reply to comment

Cute outfit, love the tights! Nah, it's not chilly here yet. It's been in the 70's still some days and you can't even wear a cardigan.


Trees said... Reply to comment

This is a really cute outfit - I love the cardy and the tights. I think I like winter fashion better than summer, but that said, I really don't like being cold! I love your brooch!

Eva said... Reply to comment

Such a nice outfit! Love the purples and pinks in it - and those tights are very nice, perfect for jazzing up the colder days! I really need some stripy tights!
And it's definitely getting colder in the west midlands - but I love layering up, so I'm looking forward to the snow! x

laura said... Reply to comment

I love it when everything gets festive and ready for the winter holidays! :) everything just seems so much sweeter! speaking of which, your outfit is just super sweet! i love the colors you've used together!
♥ laura
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Indy said... Reply to comment

Wow, amazing color combination! I love that sweater, especially.

Gray Lavender said... Reply to comment

too cute <3 your cardigan is amazing & the combination of colors is so pretty :D i wish it was cold and snowy in here, today the weather was super warm!


The Dainty Squid said... Reply to comment

Love this outfit! The tights are great!!

oomph. said... Reply to comment

pretty sweater...i love the soft colors in your outfit. i wish it got cool here, but it's pretty much summer year round. stay warm :)

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Strawberry Freckleface said... Reply to comment

Super into your hair and those glasses. <3
strawberry freckleface

Leanna Kay said... Reply to comment

OH, I just adore this! The sweater and the shorts are darling, but the shoes and the pink tights make it gorgeous!

Mama Wolf said... Reply to comment

Adorable sweater!

The weather here has been similar in degrees, but I'm loving every minute!

xoxo mama wolf.

Louisa said... Reply to comment

cute outfit! love the cardigan and the tights xx


Victoria India said... Reply to comment

Loving the colours! Your blog is so sweet too!

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Katrina said... Reply to comment

the outfit is just perfect, that colour coordination. i am dead perfectionist and i get simply excited to see this kind of outfit!! very pretty. xo

Katrina said... Reply to comment

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