28 July 2012

July blues

Hi folks, I'm back from my hols! Can you believe it's nearly August? The summer goes so fast! Portugal was beautiful! We stayed in a place on the coast called Quarteira which is pretty much a beach with some shops and restaurants built up around it. All we did was lie around, eat, swim, eat and rest. It was perfect!
chictopia 011
Apart from swimwear, the skirt in this picture is the only item of clothing I bought for my holiday. I'm really reluctant to buy summer clothes that I'll only wear once, so I always look for things that I can layer once I get back to Ireland and wear again.
chictopia 009
Also I have a question for all of you bloggers! Which image hosting service do you use for your blogs? I just switched from Photobucket to Flickr and I'm finding it really confusing. Why does Flickr make it so hard to post images at the size you uploaded them at? I have seen a few bloggers recommend Flickr and I'm not sure why. Which site do you use? Another one entirely? Let me know!

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Becky said... Reply to comment

I use Photobucket. I much prefer it. Mostly because flickr is all Yahoo-y and I don't have anything to do with Yahoo.



Ellie, I Like Ginger Biscuits said... Reply to comment

Cute cute cute!!
I used to use picnic for pictures but it closed down :(
Hope you're having a lovely day!
Ellie xo

Meghan Edge said... Reply to comment

adorable outfit.

I use Photobucket. I stopped for a while because I was just using blogger to upload them directly from my computer, but I hate having to click "original size" because it automatically makes them smaller. So Photobucket.

daria said... Reply to comment

oh, portugal, how awesome! I went to porto last year and the year before.

Bethany Kellen of bunnypicnic said... Reply to comment

when i upload to flickr, i usually go to the image and go look at the original uploaded size and right click and save url then do the html myself.

Madeline said... Reply to comment

That jumper is adorable! Oh the constant temptation of ASOS

The Canon Girl said... Reply to comment

Have fun on your holiday! Great jumper and skirt and I love the shoelaces, such a cute detail. I use Flickr too and I have no trouble with it whatsoever. It keeps the quality of my pictures in tact and it's very easy to use, to me at least. I'm not sure what you have trouble with the most? I can just choose my sizes on flickr and on my blog so I'm not sure where your troubles lie.

GrayLavender said... Reply to comment

Lovely outfit <3 I adore your skirt :D
Tinypic is good but i don't think you can create accounts on it anymore? :/


Catie Beatty said... Reply to comment

Hi Cosmia! This is such a cute look! I love graphic sweaters like that. Think I may need to find one for Autumn!

Catie Beatty said... Reply to comment

Oh, yeah and to answer your question, I don't use a photo host. I probably should tho! My computer is old and probably can't handle many more photos. I suppose I need to start dragging them to our external hardrive.

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